March 9th, 2010


How is everyone today.Sgt.Major Nina Tucker Mustang at your service.well it's a beautiful day here in NJ.but it's still cold.and i'm not feeling well.i have a bad cold,sore throat,and tonsilitis.but hopefully soon i'll feel better and be able to attend my first anime con.
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Thought you guys might enjoy this...

Hello, I'm Kit-chan, maker of the capsummaries, for the two of you or so who read them, and I just came by to post that since its about the one year anniversary of the capsummaries (ish...I finished the video earlier than I thought I would). I decided to make a video capsummary remix of the first episode.
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Maybe it might give you a chuckle while we anxiously await chapter 105 spoilers.
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My FMA Fic

Title: One Big Military Family
Characters: Royai, EdWin, AlMei (a little) and some more pairings along the way
Genre: Humor, Romance, Adventure
Rating: PG13-M
Summary: Hawkeye investigates the disappearance of her chocolates.
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, but it would be soooo awesome if I did
A.N.: I started this a loooong time ago. But Follow Roy, Riza, and the gang through life after Bradley. The return of the Elrics, some new additions, and a new enemy makes life more than they bargained for.
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FMA Ed Coat

Advice on making Edward's coat?

Does anyone here have experience with/advice on making a replica of Edward's coat?

I was joking with a seamstress friend about wanting one... the end result of which seems to be that it became a Project. *g* She's interested in what others have to say about the subject, so any input would be much appreciated!