February 28th, 2010

Mr. Burns!Ed


I'm working on artwork and need arrays. Any array(s), completely random, they're sorta filler--and not the human transmutation ones, Roy's, Al's double triangle, Armstrong's, Kimbley's, lab 5, etc., I have those. Does anyone know where I might find pictures of other any other arrays for reference? Or a good reference(s) for Alchemic symbolism? 

Thanks for helping :)
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Picspam: FMA Live Action Cast

So I recently checked out the new Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime since almost all my TV shows are on hiatus. I'd read some of the manga a while ago and liked it, but somehow never kept up with the releases. I've also seen the first anime and while it was promising in the beginning, the new storylines were absurd and ridiculous so I quickly gave up. But the new anime series? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I went on a marathon this week catching up on all the episodes on Hulu instead of studying for my rapidly approaching finals. Now I can happily say I'm all caught up and left totally obsessing over anything FMA. And thus the birth of this picspam... This is how I'd picture the FMA cast if it was a live action. So without much further ado...

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Searching for Download Link..

I'm going to say for the record that I paid for a copy of  the Director's Cut boxed set of Conqueror of Shamballa--however I am searching for a download of that movie  that I can convert for my iPod--and nope, iTunes does not have it. The download I have got corrupted and it won't convert or play in any format other than for RealPlayer.
If you have a download link I'd really appreciate it--THANKS!
NOTE--I'm looking for the English dub--subtitles are hell to read on an iPod Nano...
The Array

Fic: "Only Us"

Fic: “Only Us”

By binaryalchemist 

Rating: NC-17—short and intense, but hardly a PWP…

Pairing: Ed and Roy

Even the strongest man can be broken from the inside when the distance and the longing become too much to bear…

     Do you understand? Can you get it through your head that I need to lose control? Do you have any idea what an act of trust it is to ask—to beg for this?

      Hurry. Oh god, hurry. Find a way to tear between the worlds and touch me again…

                “….I hear you calling me/home from the Great Escape…

                The further on I go—ohhh, the less I know

                I can find—

                Only us—breathing

                Only us—sleeping

                Only us—dreaming

                --friend or foe, there’s only Us…”

                ---Peter Gabriel, “Only Us”
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