February 6th, 2010

Talathia: I am A Monster

Pic request

On a hunt for picture from the manga (I'm pretty positive it was for the manga). Does anyone have a copy of the picture/painting of Edward painting the Flamel on his face and grinning like the lovable dork that he is? I need it for a reference for something (for Otakon) <3

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Icon Searching

Probably a long shot, buuut... Does anyone happen to know if there are any black & white bases of Izumi (from the manga, obviously) out there? I'd really love them if they are.

FMA Ed Coat

About the original-series reruns?

Maybe this is another newbie question, but... Given the news I'm seeing about "FMA: Brotherhood" coming to Cartoon Network, I just want to know one thing. Are their reruns of the original series about to get axed? I can't find any articles that really clarify this, and the online TV schedules I've looked at are no help either, since they lump all of the upcoming listings under the same FMA title. Does anyone else know?

(To be clear, I can certainly understand the reason for celebrating the premiere of "Brotherhood". I've only been watching the original series for a month and a half, though--and I'm rather distressed at the thought of losing it already, and going into the new one without proper familiarity with the old. I'm afraid my curse of horrible timing may be right on cue again...)

(fic) Heart Shaped Gap (oneshot)

Heart Shaped Gap
part of the Misuse of Alchemy series
a Full Metal Alchemist based collection of (erotic) oneshots involving the misuse and abuse of alchemy.
Because sex is better with an alchemist!
by Masamune Reforged
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or its characters. If I did, you'd bet there'd be more porn of it.
Warnings: Yaoi (just a little explicit this time), angst, one-sided love, cross-dressing, incestuous undertones

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Chapter 104 Spoilers...

...can be found at the Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion Board forum here.

It's...I...wow. That is all I'm capable at the moment.

Apologies if a post like this isn't allowed. Mods, feel free to delete and/or kick my n00by ass.

ETA: Low quality raw zip file available from Raw Paradise. It seems to be missing pages 1-3 though. Pages 1-3 are there just named differently from the sequence.