February 4th, 2010

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RoyEd Gen Fanfiction Fanlisting - Looking for more fics + more members

Not sure if this is allowed, but thought I'd post it anyway. (if this isn't, please feel free to delete)

A few years ago I started a fanlisting for any and all Roy and Edward focused fics that were not yaoi.

I'm posting to see if anyone would like to join, as well as offer up some good fics to add to the fanfiction page. (I've updated it, but still have other fics waiting to be added)

For the general list, I'll post any complete or currently updated fics (if they haven't been updated in 2 years, they won't be listed)

Feel free to fill this form out http://rikafire.fifteenth-moon.net/royedff/addyourfics.php or just post here with a good fic. I will of course read them before posting though (if I REALLY like what I read, it'll be posted in the rec list instead).

Fic order goes newest addition to oldest
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Fic: "Phantom Pain"

Title: Phantom Pain
Pairing: one-sided Ling/Ed
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: spoilers for the movie, some adult content
A/N: This bunny came out of nowhere when I was playing with my new notebook and pen (thanks, mlottig !). It didn’t go quite as expected, but I still like the results.
Summary: For Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist seemed so far away…until Ling came into his life.

Phantom Pain )
Funimation Pride! (ushitora_icons)

FMA-Brotherhood wins the race, it's official!

In the race to be the first new anime to premiere on [adult swim] this year, the tickets I had on "Soul Eater" to win are now worthless.

Anime News Network and LA Weekly's TV blog have now confirmed: the English dub of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will indeed premiere on February 13/14 at 12 midnight Eastern/Pacific, with a rerun later that night at 4am Eastern/Pacific. At least the first 26 episodes will be shown on the network; the series is in the 40's in Japan, en route to a 63-episode series run (so far). (Per a recent interview at a recent convention, there will be at least 63 episodes of the show in total.)

This means it's appointment television once again for [adult swim] at midnight in about 1 1/2 weeks! :)
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BluRay/DVD News: Unaired (ie. Original) Anime Eppy + Fullmetal Alchemist Festival '09!

c/p off ANN:

The ninth Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume of the ongoing Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood television anime series will bundle an unaired episode when it ships in Japan on April 21. The original story is included as a limited video extra along with episodes 31 to 34 of the television series. Like the first Fullmetal Alchemist television series in 2003-2004, the ongoing anime adapts Hiromu Arakawa's manga about two brothers who risked their bodies with human alchemy to unsuccessfully resurrect their mother.

The DVD of the live "Fullmetal Alchemist Festival '09" event will ship in Japan on April 28. At the November 11 event, many of the anime's voice cast members appeared for an onstage discussion panel, and they also performed live audio recordings of famous anime scenes and the four-panel strips from the original manga.

hey, has the seiyuu event been discussed here before? aww i should would LOVE to see what's on the DVD. i've seen some of the previous series' seiyuu events, i'm sure this one is just as precious with all the new big-time cast members involved. :)
FMA Ed Coat

Total newbie question

Hello from a thoroughly clueless and anime-unsavvy new fan of FMA (since about the start of the year, via Cartoon Network). I've looked through the memories for the answer to the one big question I have, but I didn't see any posts that appeared to address it, so please pardon me for piping up with it here. :)

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