January 31st, 2010

  • tianneh

Doujinshi - Still - KS 100/Rokka

Title: Still
Circle/Artist: KS 100 & Rokka / Kazuaki and Fujisawa Yui
Rating: G
Pairing: Ed/Roy/Ed
Summary: This book is set after the end of the 1st anime, with Ed as an 18-year-old and Roy somewhere around the vicinity of his early 30s. This time round the theme is amnesia - in Rokka's story Roy loses his memory, while in Kazuaki's it's Ed.

Love thy Self

Items for sale

I have a few FMA items for sale in my virtual yard sale in the hope to raise money to move (so please come have a look at the rest of my items, you may find something else you might be interested in). Looking at $3 per figure and $10 for the cosplay watch (plus shipping)