January 30th, 2010

Fic: Portrait, Chapter 1/?

Title: Portrait
Author: Kurokaze-sama
Series: FMA, Manga-verse
Characters: Ensemble
Rating: R/NC-17
Warning: Language, Violence, Sadism, Gore, Sexual Content, Suggested Incest (not Elricest), AU, Mind Fuck, Scary Images (?), OCs (six of 'em, and then some random people), Spoilers Through Chapter 40 (spoiler!hints of events up to chapter 102) and Death.
Disclaimer: No have FMA plz.
Summary: Al, Ed, Roy, and Riza are thrown into another universe by a Central prisoner’s alchemic research. Al manages to achieve a body, but only at the cost of many more, and all four are pitted against the memories of their dual reality, trying to return home.
Author's Note: Edited it. Killed the warning page. Didn't really need it.

( Fake cut to the juicy goodness. )
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Just a heads up, Round IX is about to start over at springkink.

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