January 25th, 2010

Descent: Al/Winry
  • zakai_

Fanfic: Descent - Chapter 47

Title: Descent
Author: zakai_
Rating: R – NC17
Reference: First Anime. A few things and people have been pulled from the manga here and there.
Type: Angst, Divergence (splits off from episode 32), Drama, Romance, Mystery, Political, Yaoi, Het, etc.
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Al/Winry, (other minor pairings both yaoi and het)
Warnings: Language, Sex (both yaoi and het), Violence, etc.
Summary: After getting Al’s body back, Ed finds that life after reaching his goal wasn’t what he expected. As the country faces the threat of civil war, will Ed be able to handle life without Alphonse constantly by his side, or will he simply substitute one companion for another?

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Chapter 47 - Lost and Found


I’m bringing two fanarts done during the week-end;  print projects for a French anime convention.
Titles: Wait for me. /no title
Characters: Ed, Al, Mustang
Rating:Pg, spoilers for book 13
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If I Should Die Chapter 22

Title: If I Should Die Chapter 22
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: PG-13 (eventual R or NC-17)
Summary: I wrote this for a prompt over at the kinkmeme. The request was "Roy ends up maimed in some way, maybe from being captured/tortured; Ed is the one who finds/rescues/takes care of him" It was meant to be a oneshot, but it's run away with me. Thanks to elfen for the readover, as always <3
Author's Note: Sorry for the wait. Real life ate me. The chapter after this will be the last, and it's about half done so I imagine it'll be up soon.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of its characters.

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He couldn’t be certain if Harcourt was so cruel as to coach a thing like that, or if his own nerves had simply pulled words from thin air
FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fic: "Dog of War" 1/1

Title: Dog of War
Author: evil_little_dog
Series: Any.
Word Count: 250
Rating: Teen for implications
Characters: Marcoh, Winry, Breda, a dog.
Summary: “What a waste,” he muttered.
Warnings: A.U.
A.N.: Thanks to cornerofmadness for the discussions and requests for revisions on this story. Written for fma_fic_contest for the prompt, ‘dog’.

Securing a saline drip, Winry snapped, “This dog saved your life.”

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