January 19th, 2010

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Fic: "Girl Talk" 1/1

Title: Girl Talk
Author: evil_little_dog
Disclaimer: If this was mine, the ‘spoon conversation’ wouldn’t be my own personal fanon.
Rating: K +
Characters: Garfiel, Ran Fan, Winry, Paninya (implied Ran/Ling, Win/Ed, Pan/Al)
Word Count: Appx. 1,080
A.N.: Written for enemytosleep for her request of, Can I get a Garfiel advice session? Would love if it could involve comments about Ling (Ling did compliment Garfiel at his shop), but am happy if it is solely for Ed or boys in general. Unedited except by me.

And, he thought, maybe since they were all such sweet, lovely girls, he should impart some of his hard-won wisdom to them. He hadn't missed Alphonse's eyes lighting up at the sight of Paninya, or how jealous Edward got when Ling proposed to Winry in the past. And that Ling, such a charming boy, he was so solicitous of Ran Fan. Oh, these girls just needed some rough edges smoothed out and those boys would be eating out of their hands.

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Fic - An Excerpt from 'Road to Revolution: the Life and Times of Roy Mustang' [Ensemble]

Title: An Excerpt from Road to Revolution: the Life and Times of Roy Mustang
Pairing/Characters: Ensemble, tiny bit of Ed/Winry and Roy/Hawkeye
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Scar feeding cats, undying humans, these characters do not belong to me...
Summary: A fictional historian on a certain former Colonel and his associates.

A point on which all sources agree is the somewhat volatile nature of Mustang's relationship with Edward Elric during this period...