January 13th, 2010

Lapis Philosophorum Translation

Long-time lurker, first-time poster. A friend of mine convinced me to post this here and on fullmetal-alchemist.com because I made an attempt to translate Lapis Philosophorum the other day. Has anyone else tried to translate it? I searched, but I couldn't find any pre-existing translations...

I took Latin in high school for two years, and the last time I'd ever touched my Latin books was three years ago, but I did my best with translating this song because it was my favourite off of the soundtrack and because I myself was really curious to see what it was about.

Old news is old, I suppose, but oh well. xD;;

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I thought you guys might appreciate it. Not to mention, I don't even think they're 100% accurate, so if someone else wants to take a whack at it they're more than welcome to do so!
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Fanfiction: Just Come Back Alive chapters 1 and 2

It was suggested to me that I crosspost this fanfic here, so...voila, fic-in-progress for the masses!  This is my first time posting here, so hopefully I do it right.  

Just Come Back Alive (aka A Lot Can Happen in Twenty Years)
Author:  a_big_apple 
Universe:  anime, post-Shamballa
Themes:  WWII, characters' lives in the future, life moving inorexably on
Pairings:  In the main story, WinryxSheska, RoyxRiza and eventual EdxMystery-Person-Who-You-Might-Guess-From-The-Story-Title-If-You're-Astute.  There may be side stories with alternate pairings in the future.
Notes/Warnings:  I anticipate this story being a little dark; also there are yuri and yaoi pairings.  The main story probably won't include any sex, or at least, no more than innuendo; anything more racy will be labeled as such.   I also want to note that I am in no way an authority on WWII Germany, though my roommate is knowledgeable in that area.  Thanks to her help, some internet research, and some delving into Holocaust literature, I found answers to some of the questions I had regarding how this story would work.  Still, please forgive any historical inaccuracies I may commit.  If you see a glaring history error, let me know! 

Teaser:  Every morning Edward is woken by a knocking on the ceiling above his cot in Amestris military code, most often saying I’m leaving now, brother and stay safe and I love you.  Edward replies in kind with metal knuckles, rapping out please come home in one piece and I love you too.  And then Edward waits, strung tight as a bow and desperately weary from the strain, but unable to relax until nightfall, when another coded knocking announces Alphonse’s return and heralds his brief descent into the hidden rooms below the laundry.

Chapter 1   

Chapter 2

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