January 10th, 2010


Vic M. talks about dubbing Brotherhood

In case my lovely friends on LJ do not have facebook and see me spamming up my profile with the new fabulous website of otakudom (91.8 The Fan) this week they had an interview with Vic Mignogna in which he talks about dubbing of FMA Brotherhood and a few other things. But it was a really good interview and I think my FMA friends would enjoy if they have the time to listen. They are running all the interviews from this past week today (Sunday) if you want to hear the rest of the guests.

I was also thrilled to hear a little tidbit about what he sings, as apparently at Anime Milwaukee he will be doing a little concert (or so the rumors have been saying.)  I heard Travis Willingham talk about dubbing Brotherhood a bit at Daisho Con in the FMA panel, but it's neat to get both perspectives and I am thrilled  :D I couldn't be happier with the new FMA series so the little interview just makes it that much more joytastic buildup to meet Vic! (and yes I like both the English and Japanese)

again here is the interview link ... enjoy and share it really is a great music site!
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[FF] Beauty in Age [PG13] Roy/Riza

Title: Beauty in Age
Chapter: Oneshot
Author: chinesetakeout
Pairing: Roy/Riza
Summary: There was wisdom etched in the contours of her face, hidden between her lips, tucked behind her ear. Yet, for all her wisdom, she had no one to give it to. She didn’t have any children; she had nothing but a husband as sharp as herself.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None, but a ch. 102 spoiler.
Disclaimer: No.

( Think of champagne. )
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In case someone overslept for OP like me or didn't see ED because of something or anything, here are youtube links, torrents and mediafire links to both Period and Shunkan Sentimental :D

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