December 2nd, 2009

35 FMA Icons

[10]Code Geass
[35]Fullmetal Alchemist spoilers for episode 34
-[03]Ed + Al
-[01]Ling + Greed!Ling
[20]Kingdom Hearts
[15]Yuugiou: DM

[ h e r e ]

Fic: Winry Rockbell, Martian Space Pilot! [Winry & Sheska, PG13, AU]

So, I wrote this thing for scifibigbang, and figured I'd crosspost it so that the FMA community could read it. An alternate universe novella-length fic. Plus, there's also manips.

Title: Winry Rockbell, Martian Space Pilot!
Series: Anime (Alternate Setting)
Rating: PG13
Genre: Action-Adventure
Words: 26,000
Notes/Warnings: Alternate universe. Written for scifibigbang. Beta'd by caitycat, and art by crysty_twilight. Rated PG13 for language and violence. Choosing not to warn about details. Full notes at the end.
Summary: Sheska is the assistant to Ambassador to Mars, Maes Hughes. She is pulled into Martian politics by Winry, a friend of the Martian Royal Family, and discovers secrets and plots that will change the face of the Solar System.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist copyright Hiromu Arakawa/Studio BONES and this derivative work was created without permission.
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