November 29th, 2009


Old Banpresto Prizes

*shuffles in awkwardly*

Well, I've been looking around for a while for these FMA bath towels (specifically the Ed one), but I hear they're "crane prizes" or "UFO prizes". I'm having a hard time grasping what this means, but anyway... would anyone here happen to own one or know where I can buy one from someone? I think they're discontinued because they were August-only prizes.

A larger image is here -

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Calling all Starcraft players who love FMA!

New Community!

Obviously you love FMA because you're at this community, but do you also love the game Starcraft? If so, check out the new community fma_starcraft, where you can play with other FMA fans as FMA characters.

And if you don't like Starcraft? Here's some art to look at anyway. :)

Art by: hikaru_9. | Dialogue taken and modified slightly from episode 13 of the original FMA anime.