November 13th, 2009

The Array

Crackfic/Musical Parody: "Amestrian Idol--A Salute to Edward Elric" with M.C. Hughesyourdaddy"

CrackFic/Musical: Amestrian Idol: Edward and the Automailettes, Hosted by MC Hughesyourdaddy
By binaryalchemist
(with special thanks to nochick_fics )
Rated: R for language and plenty of insulting innuendo.
Pairing: Ed/Roy
(from “The Great Amestrian Poetry War”)
Genre: Crackfic, Musical parody and satire—from the Bishonen Justice Leage !Verse, created by nochick_fics
Tonight—M.C. Hughesyourdaddy hosts this salute to Ed’s best musical moments from the hit TV show “Amestrian Idol” as the gloves come off and Ed pays “tribute” to the Leader of the BJL and his domestic partner, Roy Mustang…guest stars Jean Havoc,GreedLing and Olivier Milla Armstrong.
You think he’s a real ladykiller
Pursuer of skirts, you’d suppose—
The truth is—he’s raiding their wardrobes—
He only likes chicks for their CLOTHES!
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Mmm, tastes like evil~

In the midst of a quest to make some gelatinous stone for a cosplay project, I have stumbled upon some of the most delicious freakin' hard candy I have ever had the pleasure of making and tasting. I just wanted to share the product of my nerdy evening with you, since I will be playing with the recipe and mold to make it more "accurate" to the red stones in the series.

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Humbly requesting some help...

I've been looking around to buy the second (and later, third, fourth, ect.) volume of Brotherhood and have had little or no success; does carry it, but will not ship region 2 discs to the US. I have volume 1 with the LE Box and would like to continue to buy the remaining volumes to fill it.

I'd also like to find somewhere that sells the Brotherhood soundtrack--again, has it, but I really despise their checkout system. Too few payment options.

Sorry to trouble everyone, but I'd really like to find these little jems and buy copies of my very own! Thanks for any help anyone can give me!