November 12th, 2009

Talathia: I am A Monster


Long story short-My friend went to Japan to visit his GF. He knows I'm.. u_u obsessed with FMA. And found a book (picked it up for me as a gift) that had chapter 100 in it (along with a tonne of other mangas.. and a tonne of random FMA stuff/advertisements).
However one of the goodies in it were coasters. Yes. Coasters.
:D Great for icon usage or graphics.

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[Izaya] Lollipop

Holiday Icons?

Google and Photobucket haven't been very useful, so I'm coming to you guys--

Anyone got any FMA Christmas/Holiday/wintery icons kicking around?  Links to posts or individual icons would be appreciated.  Thanks~!
Amy Pond
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General Icon question

How do you credit someone if you are using an Icon they made? I have tons of icons that I have picked up and I have no idea how to credit the people who made them. I'm betting I'm just out of luck on those but for future refrence how do I credit people? Thanks.