November 3rd, 2009

Amestrian Military Rank Insignia

So, I've been contemplating making an Amestrian Military Uniform for cosplay (still not decided on who exactly). Does anyone have a good source for the rank/insignia on the uniform?

I read that Arakawa was using the insignia and ranks of the Imperial Japanese Army (that's from pre-WWII), but that was third-hand information and I haven't found another source (interview, etc.) that confirms that, either. (If that is indeed true, this site has some very nice information, just sub blue for red.)

Thanks, all.

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A strange, nerver-seeen before artbook xD

Newbie here! (though stalker for some timeXD)

I have a question. I found this in a Spanish forum, and I'm tempted to buy it, but I wanna know what it is and if it's official or chinese or...whateverXD
I've never seen this before, and I wondered if you guys have:

Thanks in advance!

edit: oh, and if anyone could please tell me how to post pics directly so as not to do this retarded and bothersome thing for you againXD