October 24th, 2009

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I heard that there's a song called "Brother" sung by Vic. Does anyone know where I can download it at? I'm interested in what it sounds like. By the way, I don't have itunes, so please name any other places.
Talathia: I am A Monster

Looking for Manga Ed Mood Theme. <3

Okay forgive if this has been asked recently. 8C Work seriously eats my brain cells.

Anyway, to the point. Does anyone know of MANGA!Ed mood theme? Or a Ed/Win mood theme? I'll even take Ed/Win/Al... :C I'm just looking and looking and obviously not looking in the right spot/or the zip folders are as old as dirt.

Srsly I need to.. get rid of the doggie head of a character I rarely post publicly anymore u-u~..


:D Really if someone finds me one I might draw some Ed/Win. Yooou know you want some delicious Ed/Win. We don't get nearly enough here.
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i_am_the is a claiming community for fandoms to be the character of their choice "of livejournal." It's brand new and just opened, meaning that the character selection is still very fresh!

FMA characters can be claimed!

I'm not sure this is allowed o_o' Feel free to erase if it breaks the rules.
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