October 19th, 2009

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Title: Charmed
Author: littlefuji
Rating: PG (for mild language)
Chapter: One-shot
Genre: Crack, fluff
Pairing: Hinted Roy/Ed
Length: 777
Summary: Al suggests something, Ed is forced to follow through, and Roy is amused.
Comments: Slight AU, before Ling appears. Wrote this under an hour to relieve some boredom, makes for some light reading. Comments are loved, and enjoy!

( "It's a thoughtful idea, and it might bridge the relationship between you and Colonel Mustang..." )
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Is it possible to get the Jap. Brotherhood DVDs from a legit source for under 70 bucks USD? ...Or under 50 bucks + 20 bucks shipping. I've been having no luck. ...And here I thought 30 bucks for American releases was extortion. >_>;;

I'm also looking for legit sources for the OLD FMA soundtracks + song files. Pretty much everything I find online is a bootleg, and I am not going to pay for someone else's pirated music.

...Not like I could afford it, anyways, but it'd be good to know. ^_^