October 10th, 2009

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FMA event in Yokohama?

Hello everyone. I was browsing through the official website when I came across the following bit of news: http://www.hagaren.jp/news/index.html#n086. My Nihongo is not very good, but from what I understand, there will be an event in Pacifico Yokohama on November 1, featuring live performances by the artists of the theme songs.

Can anyone confirm if I understood correctly? I hope that I won't be spreading wrong information; I'll delete this post immediately if my information is wrong. Also, I ran this news bit through Babelfish, and from what I can make out, it seems like an application ticket found in the second DVD should be filled out - is this correct? So is this event only accessible to those who buy the DVD? Sorry, I hope someone can clarify this because I'm in Japan right now and I'd love to go to this event.

Thank you very much.

EDITED TO ADD: I found this page which has more information, and the seiyuu for Ed, Al, Winry, Roy, Riza, Scar, Greed, Ling and Mei will be at the event. Unfortunately, however, from what I understand, you have to buy either Volume 1 or Volume 2 (Blu-ray or DVD), and only 5000 people will be selected to attend. Again, I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm my understanding. I wonder if it'd be worth it to take a chance and buy a DVD. I really want to attend such a rare event!
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Announcing new Olivia Armstrong comm: olivia_rules

Are you a fan of the kick-ass Major General Olivia Armstrong? Want to be a part of a comm that proclaims her everlasting awesomeness? Come join olivia_rules! Since she doesn't get nearly as much love as she deserves in the fandom, I'm trying to create an archive of Olivia fanworks (fanfic, fanart, icons, cosplay, etc). Please come join and share your fics, art, etc with us. It's a great time to be an Armstrong fan, since Briggs is coming up soon in FMAB, and the manga is reaching its climactic end. Lots of potential for great discussions. All are welcome in the frozen North! Come check us out!

Also so that this post is not empty handed, here is a little Olivia fic that I wrote awhile back for fma_fic_contest. Enjoy!