October 6th, 2009

Ishbal Hughes Roy


Hi everyone. I'm sorry I post so frequently >> But I had a few questions regarding how I should warn for content in my fanfiction (you may have seen it in an earlier post here).

It's -technically- an mpreg later in the story, but it's not at -all- what you'd expect from one. It's closer to horror than anything, has no romance and is not a yaoi, and is more of an angst/mystery/friendship/horror.

But, the thing is, I feel like I should warn for mpreg (even if it kind of isn't) even though the mpreg factor is kind of far from the point of the fanfic. Most mpregs are like "Hey, I'm having a baby!" whereas this one is more "...What the?! *CLAWS AT STOMACH* GETITOUTGETITOUTGETIOUT OWOWOW @#$$%#$ OW THIS IS HURTING MY INTERNAL ORGANS SOMEONE KILL ME AHCK."

The other thing is, it's also HughesxRoy friendship, but I might -hint- at the HughesxRoy pairing. It isn't anything that would be at ALL disturbing to people who don't like that particular pairing OR slash in general, but it's so mild that you'd have to have your head bent at an extreme angle, have your goggles on, and know my mindset. It's actually just completely open for interpretation, so should I warn for it at all?

Since it might be pushing into the mystery genre, would it be better just to warn for angst/squick and leave the mpreg factor as a surprise, and Hughes and Mustang open for interpretation? I feel like I might lose a lot of interest because of what "mpreg" fics usually entail, yet I don't even know if it can be called an mpreg.

...And should this be under a cut? >>;

Sorry for the four million questions. ^^; I'm just a little concerned and -quite- amateur, so I thought it'd be better to ask. Thanks. :3


Today I went to pick up volume 20 of FMA at the local bookstore. I notice that they had a Employee Recommendations (ya know, the bookstore workers choose sweet ass books they have read for people to check out). Among all the fancy award winning novels sat one graphic novel: Fullmetal Alchemist 19.

Apparently volume 20 may be in the next employee Recommendations.

It made me very happy :>
The Array

FMA Music Parody: "Mustang May (Or May Not...)"

(With Apologies to Rod Stewart)
WRITTEN BY: The Binary Alchemist
Genre: FMA Filk Music/Humor/Parody/Romance and Bickering
PAIRING: ROY/ED, special guest vocals and mandolin solo by Alphonse Elric
RATING: PG13 for profanity and adult humor
A musical spat in the middle of the night between Fullmetal and The Flame Alchemist, complete with name calling and a smoochy make-up.

I had totally forgotten I'd written this until I was driving in to work and heard Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" and caught myself singing along with this song I recorded two years ago--the original file disappeared when my old website went down.One of those that we couldn't sing at AWA...but still a lot of fun...


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[animals] hello thar ... kittay

Art, again ^-^'

The first finished piece I've done in a long time. o_O

I'll probably be doing some extra editing later on. Helpful criticism, tips and just comments in general are loved very, very much. ♥

Click here or on the image for full view. ^-^
(Sorry, I hope you guys don't mind viewing it in dA?)