October 5th, 2009


Fanfic: Exodus Chapter One

Title: Exodus
Chapter: Chapter One, The Array
Rating: PG-13/T, eventual borderline R/M
Characters: Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang, Edward Elric
Warnings: Angst of the heavy variety, unconventional mpreg, me being a sadistic author, possible, light hints at HughesxMustang
Description: A series of events leaves Mustang frustrated, distraught, and ill. When illness turns to unbearable agony, a startling conclusion threatens to change his life forever.

(Colonel Mustang had no reason to be wary when he first entered the building. The case seemed to be the same as any other involving minor degrees of alchemic mischief: a few bored alchemists with twisted inhibitions using an otherwise innocent-looking building to conduct experiments without State approval or inspection.)

I haven't written anything quite like this, where a lot of alchemy is involved, so I'm a little nervous. ^^; Give it a read?
Cas s12

Fic: Everything Is Better With Ling

Title: Everything Is Better With Ling
Authors: #1 enemytosleep , #2 sky_dark , #3 cryogenia , #4bob_fish
Pairing: Roy/Ed/Ling
Summary: Written for the fmakinky  anonymous kink meme with the prompt: You know how Ling has a charming habit of popping in through the window/out of a potted plant at the most unexpected times? Well, what if Roy and Ed were engaging in office seduction/about to have a crafty fumble in the back of a car/arguing over the washing up, and then Ling showed up, as he does, to offer them the amazing free gift of himself. Hilarity might well ensue. This can get as filthy or as mild as you like, anon. (n.b. it got filthy. And hilarity did indeed ensue)
Notes: this was written on the kinkmeme as an anonymous round robin. It ended up pretty darn epic for a PWP.

Please follow the fake cut for naked boys, a predictably large amount of snark, impressive displays of stamina, pillowbooks, creative and artistic uses of alchemy, bedroom oneupmanship, a bit of kink and a very large room service order.
The Array

Fic: You + Me Of The 10,000 Wars, Ch.2: "Edward Elric, Prom Queen of Cell Block 6"

Fic:You + Me of the 10,000 Wars: Ch 2: “Edward Elric: Prom Queen of Cell Block 6
Author: [info]binaryalchemist

Rated: PG13—NC17, this chapter rated R  UPDATED at L-O-N-G Last!
Pairings: Roy/Ed, onesided  Greed!Ling/Ed, past Ed/Hei, past Roy/Hughes
Genre: Romance, adventure, comedy, a touch of crack, a little angst, a whole lotta smexin’
Warnings: FMA AU—Ed and Al have inherited Hohenheim’s near-agelessness, and Ed has been reunited with Roy in the present day.
      Greed has only one obsession: Immortality.Ed, Al and Al’s children are cursed with it, thanks to Hohenheim’s legacy and DNA. It’s getting harder to keep under the media radar, thanks to Ed’s big mouth. Meanwhile, Roy’s dreams are becoming hellish with echoes of a half-remembered war.The Elrics have the immortality Greed desires—and Greed can open the Gate and send the them home Amestris for a fresh start in their homeland, where Roy can find answers at last—but not without a heavy price. How much is Ed willing to sacrifice for the man—and the family--he loves?
As Our Story Continues: Ed tries to fast talk his way out of becoming the Prom Queen of a Singapore cell block after wining the..er…heart…of his fellow inmates, while Hughes muses on how exactly the hell he got involved with Ed, Roy, and their insane family ..it must have been the sake.
            Or the sex
            Shortly after regaining consciousness, Edward Elric amended his list of Things One Must Avoid At All Costs:
                 Never try to bring back a dead person
                  Never sell your soul to the military
                  Never attempt human transmutation
                 Never feed Roy Tex-Mex food without a stiff dose of Beano
            “…and if you can’t think of something nice to say to a seven foot tall gorilla convicted for performing carnal acts with chickens, you just might want to keep your goddamn mouth shut…”

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PROLOGUE: "If You Meet The Alchemist On The Road, Kill Him!" is here: http://community.livejournal.com/fma_yao

CHAPTER 1: "Fullmetal Rent Boy--Messenger Of The Gods?" is here: http://community.livejournal.com/fma_yaoi/1824050.html


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2 FMA arts

Art: Lust looking hot and awesome
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fight scene?
Genre: Gen
Notes: Yay Lust!

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Art: Power in my Hand
Rating: G
Warnings: colored sketch
Genre: Gen
Notes: This was a doodle I did that I liked enough to Color focusing on Ed's hand, so like his head's not even in the picture.

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