October 2nd, 2009


Has Fringe's J.J.Abrams been watching FMA?

Two FMA hits in one episode (though the first has been known for a while). I was jazzed about the one, but when the second occured in the same ep, I ran right in here to post this.

One of the main characters has a cybernetic, prosthetic arm that his highly advanced and works like a real arm. (I think she lost it when she went to "the other side." a parallel universe similar to our own. She lost it in the process of coming back, I think - could be wrong...) I screamed "Automail!!" the first time I saw it!  She always wears a glove, too!

Then in the current episode, whilst I was actually trying to figure out if the actor playing a cop was Travis Willingham (it wasn't), that same cop takes a brief case from a someone and an immediate reaction occurs, spreading up his arm from the handle, changing his entire body until, moments later, he explodes. A human bomb! Later on, the FBI agents discussing the incident note that while a bomb clearly had gone off, there was no residue of explosive found. Of course, not, I thought. The human body contains all the componants needed for a basic bomb...

Just makes me wonder if Abrams (who also made "Alias," another favorite of mine), wasn't reading or watching FMA and thought, "You know - those are really good ideas..."


Art: Hello Kitty!

I know I JUST posted, but I wanted to post this separate since it's... NSFW. At all. This is actually OLLLLLLD (like, two years ago old), but it's still kind of awesome. It's a collab between my friend and I :'D I just did the coloring. ^_^

Title: Hello Kitty!
Rating: NC-17 for toy usage and masturbation
Characters: Ed
Warnings: Crack and Hello Kitty.

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