September 30th, 2009

Gluttony holy grail.

There really isn't much merch for this fat scary homunculus :C The only two 3D items I could ever find was the Lust/Gluttony bust and a mini figure BUT I did come across This item almost 3 years ago and have never seen it since... which blow chunks because I'm finally in a situation where I COULD BUY IT *head/desk*.

I consider it the Holy Grail of Gluttony items because the only other true figure ever design of him was never release.

So I ask you FMA fans for help, has anyone ever seen this figure anywhere for sale?! Like anywhere besides the site linked above?!? Does anyone own it? Does it even exist besides this image?!?! Really, Its so bloody hard to find ANYTHING of him besides the bust and zipper charm, and when I had to wait for the mini figure to pop up I waited OVER 2 YEARS and had to buy it off a sketchy ebay seller at that.

Then again, I should count myself lucky that there is merch of Gluttony .__.;; many other homunculi don't have any merch at all (even the ever popular Greed).