September 28th, 2009

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Hey again! It's been a few weeks now, and I've lowered prices as my trip (for which I need money, sob) approaches, so I've reposted my DOUJINSHI SALE over on my LJ. I'm selling doujin from 11 fandoms, including two from FMA.

The sale is right here. Thanks for looking!

fanfic - justifying the means

Title: Justifying the Means
Author: metisket
Characters: Hughes, Ed, Roy
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Sequel to In Defiance of Reason. It probably won’t make much sense read out of order, due to the AU of it all.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong to me.
Excerpt: He looked nervous, and nerves were never something you wanted to see in a person who might fly off the handle and kill everyone in sight, Maes reflected.



Hey guys. =) Just a head's up, I'm selling some FMA stuff over on dA, but I figured I'd list the FMA here for you guys because I love you.

Fullmetal Alchemist volume 4 DVD: The Fall of Ishbal $5 + $2 shipping within the US
Fullmetal Alchemist volume 10 DVD: Journey to Ishbal $5 + $2 shipping within the US !Only $2 if bought with volume 4!
Maes Hughes trading arts figure sealed in box, never opened $8 + $3 shipping within the US
Riza Hawkeye trading arts figure, taken out of the box but still sealed in plastic with included candy $7 + $3 shipping within the US !Only $12 + shipping if purchased together!
Jean Havoc cosplay, size L. Originally a crappy bought costume, now a crappy bought costume with AWESOME details and accuracy because Pyro is a ninja. $100 + shipping, but feel free to haggle.

I will do international shipping, BTW.

Also, does anyone know where I can find the complete box of 10 PPP figures (like, the display box they give dealers) NOT bootlegged for under $100? I'm terribly scared of buying bootlegs. D8 That, the swingers, and the clear files. :3

Looking for volumes of the manga in Japanese, English volume 7, volume 1 DVD Dof Brotherhood (Jap), English DVD volumes 11 and 13, and any sort of HughesxRoy doujinshi >_>;;
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Selling post

I have some FMA Doujinshis left! (all douji are by the same circle)

Haganezi - by Hana'kan'ka - 18 pages - Roy x Ed, Hughes x Roy, Yaoi - SAMPLE
Haganeno - by Hana'kan'ka - 18 pages - Hughes x Roy, Men x Ed, Yaoi - SAMPLE
Haganeko - by Hana'kan'ka - 18 pages - Hughes x Rox and a bit Roy x Ed, Yaoi SAMPLE

Special discount! All 3 Doujinshi + international shipping included = $15 All on hold

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