September 24th, 2009

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Femme!Roy Fanart

There's so much out there of girl!Ed already, I figured Roy needs some love. xD This is NOT CANON in any way, shape or form, and you certainly don't have to agree with the design or anything. This was purely for fun 'cause I've always wanted to draw Roy as a girl and had a huge urge to draw a frilly bra. :3


(Roy Mustang is dead sexy in a miniskirt. For real this time.)

Links to my journal. X-posted. ^^;

EDIT: Short haired version up for anyone that prefers it. :p


CORRECTED - Fanfic: Branded: Learning Curve - Part 7b (THE END)

Well, I'm glad someone is on the ball, 'cause it sure as heck ain't me...

alchemyotaku75noticed that I'd left out the juiciest bits and wondered if I'd chickened out posting them. I did NOT, I just had a brain fart and missed them when I was posting. (D'oh!) Thanks, luv!

And so, here they iz, restored; the first three sections - the smuttiest sections - of the last part of Learning Curve...

Sorry folks!
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FIC: Primal Instincts; CH. 5

Title: Primal Instincts
Rating: R
Characters: Hughes, Mustang
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Paranormal
Summary: The combined stresses of work and family drive Hughes to distraction, but Mustang is starting to think that something else--something far more dangerous--is the real reason for his sudden change in demeanor.

Here's chapter 5: Maes awoke, then wondered if he’d ever really been asleep at all.

He awoke to the pain in his gut, in his muscles and bones. He moaned and rolled over, hoping to alleviate some of the sharp pressure. His spine and hip popped as he moved, as if they were shifting on their own somehow. He whimpered and buried his face into the rough sheets, smelling laundry soap and the faint, musty undertone of the thousands of other people who had lain here.

...And the shit begins to hit the proverbial fan.

Mustang- Your Mom

FMA Fic Contest- Prompt 29: Equivalent Exchange, "At The Grave"

This was done for for prompt #29- Equivilant Exchange.
I swear, I am going to win one of these days. :)

Prompt 29: Equivalent Exchange, "At The Grave"

Title- At The Grave
Author– Seaweed
Disclaimer– Very much not mine.
Rating– PG just because it is dark.
Warning– Mentions of male love.
Series– Anime.
Summary– Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Word Count– 755

Roy Mustang had always been taught that alchemy, and life in general, functioned on the principle of equivalent exchange.