September 20th, 2009

Mustang- Your Mom

FMA Beta?

I hope this is allowed here. I didn't see that it was in the rules, but if it is, please go ahead and delete it.

I am hoping to find a beta for a project that will be starting very soon.

I am a part of the fma_big_bang challenge, which is essentially that I get 5 months to write at least 15,000 words.

I have the outline- skeleton of my story done. It will be a manga-based, eventual Roy x Havoc pairing, so of course the person would have to know the manga somewhat and not be surprised a a certain last 30's chapter event that affects the story.

I would really like someone who I could talk to through emails and through IMs for more immediate feedback and questions. I have AIM, YIM, and Skype, and will use any of those, and are open to other IM programs others may use.

If anyone is interested, you can make a comment here, send me a PM here, or even better would be to email me- mail (at) (seaweedotter) (dot) (com) Sorry, trying to fool those spambots.

Thanks an advance!
Talathia: I am A Monster

Movie Edward

This is kinda old. I drew it in Nov of 2008. But I was watching the movie last night and.. was all "dude I never did post that drawing I did of him c-c.."

So here you have it. Although now I'm a huge fan of the manga and Brotherhood. I can't deny that the first anime and movie were what got me hooked.

I hope I did him some justice.. X) hence why it took forever to scan and post. I'm so nervous about drawing other peoples' human characters... Ahh hopefully I'll have some Ed/Win art in the future. <3
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Cas s12

Fic: No Small Injury, Chapter Three of Eight

Title: No Small Injury, Chapter Three
Setting: Fullmetal Alchemist, mangaverse, post-series so potential spoilers right up to Chapter 99. Characters/pairings: Roy/Ed (UST for now, dudes), Havoc/Rebecca Catalina, Al, Hawkeye, ensemble.
Warnings: R for sweary mouths.
Word count: 9560 words this chapter.
Summary: a year on from the Promised Day. The Amestrian Army is one gunshot away from a civil war. Now someone may have fired that shot, and a simple murder could hold the key to a much bigger and more dangerous mystery ... Mustang is struggling towards the top, Ed is seeking a new purpose in life, Al is on the verge of a discovery, and Havoc just wants a day off.
Notes: Contains murder, mystery, action, suspense, cliffhangers and cheap jokes. Illustrated fic is illustrated (by me). Sequel to my previous ficsWrong Turn and Fight On, Second Lieutenant!.

Chapter One: the Way to a Man's Heart
Chapter Two: What Would Maes Hughes do?
Chapter Three: Too Much Information

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