August 31st, 2009

2nd ED - "Let It Out" by Miho Fukuhara (FULL LYRICS AND TRANSLATION)

I.... am not sure if this the right place to post this, and if it isn't, I'll take it down without complaint.


The full PV version of the second series' second ED, "Let It Out" by Miho Fukuhara debuted on YouTube the other week, so to celebrate, I figured a quick translation was in order. The romaji was taken from, but the translation is mine.

Feel free to distribute, but make sure to credit for the translation.


9/1/09 -  EDIT: MADE A QUICK EDIT IN THE FIRST AND LAST CHORUSES. ajshsjdh this is what I get for not proof-reading >__<

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Fic: Chop... Chop... Hop To It

Title: Chop... Chop... Hop To It
Author: Blysse
Series: Applicable to all
Word Count: 109
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Barry The Chopper
Summary: Just Barry being Barry, that's all~
Warnings: ... Barry, guys. That should warn you enough, right? |D; General insanity and violence lie ahead.

A/N: This prompt ('Dialogue Only') is made for Barry and his wonderful verbose self~ Thanks to Spandy for giving it a look over. <3

**This fic took 5th place for the week~!  Banner at the bottom.
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Megaman, Frickin&#39; Sweet!

This is fanfic.

It is! I read the community rules and since this is very strictly FMA and is on-topic, I think it should be ok. Please let me know immediately if it isn't and I will remove or edit the post. Thank you! :)

I never really watched the first FMA series and I don't read the manga, but the latest (FMA: Brotherhood is I think the official title) caught my attention because Boyfriendu~ forced me to watch it u_u'. So on the basis of one throwaway line from one episode (might be...episode six? Five? Or so), I wrote this little teensy ficlet. Not sure how many words, but it's very short.

Please read and enjoy at your leisure! Thank you for your time. ^^

Title: Size Matters When He's Prince Charming
Characters: Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell
Pairings: That's what it's all about! >.> So I won't spoil it, but I promise no sex, they're only kids! Ew!
Rating: G/All ages
Summary: Ed and Al (as kids, ages 10 and 9 at the time) each try to woo Winry. This story gives the background of the comment from the series, "You tried to ask out Winry as a kid, but she turned you down because you were shorter than she is!" (Ed to Al, talking about his suit of armor)
Spoilers: That line up there, but it's not much of one. :) Other than that, nope, this is pre-series and purely speculation on my part.
Disclaimer: Square Enix owns Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I own nothing and have no relation to the company.
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Juuust in case.

I know there's been a  post for this song already (much appreciated!) but I thought I'd provide a higher quality version of the song for those picky about song quality. xD (Though there's a10 second silence afterwards that I was too lazy to cut out. I'll cut it off and re-convert if there are requests.)
Updated! No longer has the extra seconds.

SS, MP3:

Cas s12

Fic: Mail Call

Title: Mail Call
Word Count: 250 exactly
Series: Mangaverse
Rating: PG for vague allusions to naughty photos
Characters: Major Mustang and Captain Hughes
Summary: "You don't want to see spicy photos of my gorgeous girlfriend?"
Notes: Ishbal comedy, a strangely neglected genre. Originally written for the dialogue-only prompt at fma_fic_contest - check out the other excellent entries for this week. No real spoilers beyond what you can pick up from this summary.

Follow the fake cut! 

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 So we've had more then 20 episodes of Brotherhood... what are the manga reading community's thoughts on the series?
Was it over hyped? It is a complete let down? Or is it doing things right when compared to the first anime? Is the new series an improvement over the manga? And anything in between. 

Now, if I'm beating a dead horse with these questions, I'll delete the post, just let me know. Thanks :)