August 26th, 2009


Am I annoying yet?

Hello all. I figured this'd be the best place to ask. I'm going absolutely nuts buying doujin and wanted to know if any of you were willing to sell me some either cheap or in bulk. I'm especially looking for the following titles:

*征服 (Seifuku) by いちたか (Crazy9) (Or anything by Crazy9)
*Original Sin
一万回の約束 (Ichimankai no Yakusoku) by 黒龍しずく/土佐鶴 (Kokuryuu Shizuku / Tosa Tsuru)
*Memory (reprint collection) by Osana Arika/FPD (OR ANYTHING BY THIS CIRCLE OMG <3)
Paranoia of Shamballa
Last Smile
Itoshiki Hibi
Careless Breath
Bokura no Himitsu
...Or like I said, anything by them.
Mistakes by K2 Company
Shangri-La by K2 Company
ここにいない君へ (Koko ni Inai Kimi e) by 前頭連合野 (Zentouren Gouya)
閃光 (Senkou) by GD Mechano
Linus by GD Mechano

...The starred ones are the ones I would do ANYTHING for (Or, in Original Sin's case, anything EXCEPT pay 30 bucks). I'm really interested in buying Hughes/Roy doujinshi, or anything that revolves around Hughes or Roy. I like gag doujin too. Anyone here selling/willing to sell?

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