August 18th, 2009


3 Roy gifs (Episode 19) :D

Since I was so thrilled with episode 19, I needed to make some gifs and now I want to share them with you :) It took me quite a long time, as I had to resize the screenshots posted by moogledaime, screencap them manually and feed them in to my gif program (which is not the best, but it's decent enough XD). As you can see, the quality is not the best and I sincerely apologize for it, but it's the best I could manage. I still hope that some of you will like them :)

I'm not sure if everyone has seen episode 19 already, so I'm putting this behind a cut, just in case :)

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Fanart <3

FMA crossover fanart depicting the VERY IMPORTANT IMPORTANCE of equivalent exchange.

Characters: Ed, Al, an extremely annoying villain from Naruto
Warning: There's like one swear word in there so... PG...ish?

Link to my DA
Kawaii Aru~

Fullmetal Alchemist - Akatsuki no Ouji (Cutscenes + CG's + 4koma's)

All cut-scenes and some CG's + some 4koma bonus. If you haven't read my summary posts, go look at them naw. They are in the comm somewhere.

I didn't unlock all CG and 4koma yet. There are probably quite a few hidden CG's in the game that you can only access by triggering certain side-dialogues (side-dialogues = dialogues not required to access for completion of the game). For example, in the third video you should see a CG where Ed and Al were sparing... That one can be triggered during the party, and you can only get that if you had Al talk to Ed at a specific time and place. There are probably other ones hidden like that too; I haven't tried yet.

As for the 4komas, they are unlocked as you beat the game default high score of the mini-games (you can access the mini-games for beating default high scores during the second run-through of the game). I didn't beat all of them yet... as they pretty much require you to beat the mini-game perfectly without any mistakes.

1 -
2 -
3 -

You can probably see why I hate Elena from these? =P
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