August 8th, 2009


FIC: kimblee/roy nc-17

Title: Memories
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Kimblee/Roy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non con (as is everything with Kimblee) and SPOILERS for the latest manga chapters.
Summary: With Kimblee, it takes everything Roy has to forget. And yet, when he's with him again, all he can do is remember.
AN: Been a while since I've written for this fandom, and taken lots of liberties with Roy's past, and uhm. First time writing sex-fic. Hope it doesn't scar too badly.

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Fic: Frozen

Title: Frozen
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Rating: big ol' NC-17
Word Count: 7558, because apparently, I never know when to shut up
Warnings: cursing, yaoi, smut, frottage, indecent uses of a sleeping bag. Abuse of italics. Oh, and crack. Lots and lots of crack.
A/N: Written for the fma_ihop kinkmeme, for the prompt: Roy and Ed are on a mission in the wilderness, and are forced to share a sleeping bag for warmth. I don't know who the original poster was (because it's anon, y'know?), but thank you for the prompt, OP! It gave me quite a good run of story. :)
Disclaimer: The usual- don't own, make no money, HAVE no money, mean no harm, please don't sue.

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Lovely Dean

Good Clean Fun

Title:  Good Clean Fun
Rating: PG 13
Spoilers: None
 Pairing: Ling/Ed
The Prompt was:  Ed's enjoying a nice bubble bath when the door flies open and Ling decides to join him.  This was not originally my prompt.  [info] feriowind drew a little two panel comic for the prompt, then asked for help to complete it.  I wrote the story, supplied the dialogue and she supplied the five panel comic for the first part of the story! 

( Bathus Interruptus )

Ah crap...

I've decided I'm the king of losing things. D: I figured I'd ask here before bugging the sales comms/my dealer friends.

I recently bought a Roy Mustang medicom RAH figure. Yes, it is amazing and quite possibly the best $205 I could spend.

ONE issue.

...I've lost a small part, and, being the massive worrier I am, cannot simply WAIT and hope I find it.

Those of you who own Roy Mustang Medicom RAH figures know he comes with a little plastic flame. I have lost this little plastic flame. If any of you are POOR and desperate (and, if you own a Roy Medicom, I'm gonna bet you are at LEAST poor), I'm willing to give up eating this week and give you up to $20 for your little plastic flame.

...I'm also looking for Number 11 of the FMA birth month charms and the Roy Mustang heart cell phone charm where he has the angel wings. ...I'm a fan of rather obscure merchandise, can you tell?

I'm also looking to buy doujinshi in bulk that costs LESS than an arm and a leg. That didn't work out too well for Ed, did it?

Annnnd I'm looking to sell a size L Havoc cosplay and a handmade size M Munich!Edward cosplay (shirt, vest, arm-thing, pants, no coat). Anyone interested? :)