July 12th, 2009

Flame by Ellifayne

FMA Music: "The Night Roy Burned the Whorehouse Down"

FMA Music: "The Night Roy Burned the Whorehouse Down"
Written (and recorded  by) binaryalchemist  (ttto "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", by Robbie Robertson)
Dedicated to malka2009  for her oustanding drabble "Postbellum" and to all fans of Mrs Christmas and her little boy, Roy.

Soon as I read Chapter 87 I --had-- to write a speculative song about Roy's childhood before coming to study with his master. Originally it was a "Brady Bunch Theme" parody, but it turned into something better, I hope! This was recorded at GaFilk  Con in Atlanta in 2009---and I'm still waiting for the MP3 file from the engineer....maybe we'll re-record it at Anime Weekend Atlanta...
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[Izaya] Lollipop

Fic: Alchemy Lesson

Title: Alchemy Lesson
Author: DarkBlysse
Written For: Karkashan as part of fma_exchange back in March
Characters: Al/Mei, Ed
Rating: PG (For a few sorta kinda bad words on Ed's part XD)
Word count: 536
Summary: Mei gives Alphonse some alchemy lessons. But he really should pay better attention...

A/N: Wow... you guys are really trying to stretch my boundaries, eh? XD Not only am I primarily a yaoi writer, I never dabble in fluff. But, I did it! \o/ Thanks for the challenge, guys. ^_~


Mei looked up at Alphonse with an obvious sparkle in her expressive, black eyes.

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