July 3rd, 2009


Throwing Knives

Hey all. C: Just thought I'd pimp my cosplay handiwork. I actually made this one a year ago and could do a lot better now, but I still rather like it. I actually make these for cash, but I guess not a lot of people cosplay Hughes anymore. xD This is the "anime" version and is like 893457457x more of a bitch to make than the manga/Brotherhood version. :]

Maes Hughes Knife by =Pyroluminescence on deviantART

Let me know if you want a cut. >_>;
[the colbert report] :D
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on YouTube

I feel like I might be mentioning something everyone already knows, but YouTube is streaming Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with English subtitles. It looks like they post new episodes two weeks after they air in Japan, like Hulu does. I love how many (legal) streaming venues FUNimation is offering, but I don't know if providing it on YouTube is a smart move for them since it's so easy to download videos from that site. Oh well, doesn't really matter since the fans end up benefiting from it anyway.