June 28th, 2009

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Ling, Ran-fan, Fuu and Mei-chan icons and screenshots

Hi there comm! I love the Xing characters to death, especially Ling, so in light of the new commercial that aired last night during the live broadcast of episode 13, I went on a screenshot-taking and icon-making spree. =D

First of all, here are some screenshots I took from the CM. They're not exactly the best quality ever, but they work and made some lovely icons.

Second, here's a .flv download of the CM so you can take your own screenshots, taken straight from Yahoo! video. xD

And, finally, here are the icons. I've got a few from the new CM and a bunch of older ones made from scans from the manga. Since my icons suck are mostly bases, no credit is needed, but at least for the ones with text, it is appreciated. Double especially for the one animated icon. <3Collapse )
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