June 22nd, 2009

[Izaya] Lollipop

Fic: Soft Spot

Title: Soft Spot
Type: PWP, drabble
Rating: R
Character(s): Alphonse
Warnings: I-I... don't even know what to put here. Just... it's porn-y. And it's weird. Be warned. :|

A/N: D-Damn you, Tim. * BRB, facepalming forever.*

Soft Spot

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For Sale: Prop Plus Petit Figurines, Shitajiki, Tissue Box Cover

If you're interested in something, please leave a comment with your country location so that I apply the correct shipping.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Prop Plus Petit Figurines - $6 each
Available: Ed, Al, Winry with a Wrench, Winry with a slice of pie, Roy, Riza, Hughes
Shipping - $3 within the US, $5 worldwide
- The figurines are brand-new. The blind boxes have been opened to identify the character inside, but the plastic packaging is unopened. Each figurine comes with a display stand that has a line from the character printed on. The PPP figurines stand about 1.5 inches tall when assembled, and the little accessory they come with make for a great cellphone keychain dangle thing. I got a box of these PPP figurines and I don't need all of them.

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Pencil board (shitajiki) - $3 SOLD
Shipping - $2 within the US, $3 worldwide
- Double-sided board featuring the Elric brothers as kids on one side and current storyline on the other. This item will be shipped in a hard envelop to protect it.

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Tissue box cover (?!) - $3
Shipping - $2 within the US, $3 worldwide
- A tissue box cover. This will be shipped unfolded and uncut in a protective envelop. You follow the simple fold lines to make the tissue box cover. ...I'm not really a fan of decorating tissue boxes, so I'm hoping this will go to a better home. XD