June 9th, 2009



While waiting to get the motivation to get cosplay pics from Anime Boston up, I'm going to share with you the most ridiculous (and moderately badass) costume ever.

raver!Mustang. Feel free to facepalm.jpg in my direction.

EDIT: ...The circle is on the back, too, but I'm too lazy to take another picture. I still have no idea how I came up with this.

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Funimation dub for FMA OVAs

Thought I'd give a heads up with the dubbing for the FMA OVA set, Funimation's posted a video with the realease date and trailer for them.  Here's the vid!!  I really can't wait for this.  XD 

Vid info by Funimation:

Available on DVD August 4, 2009. The Fullmetal Alchemist universe expands with new stories that reunite the original U.S. cast in four eye-opening tales available for the first time outside of Japan.

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