May 31st, 2009

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[ fic ] In the Sky was Mirrored Sodom; Alfons/Edward

Pairing: Alfons Heiderich/Edward Elric

Setting: 1921, before Conqueror of Shamballa

Dedication: numi_nami , for reminding me to write EdHei.


Say A (part)+B+C=D (whole).

What I originally had in my head was: ?+?+C=?.

What I ended up with when typing it out was: A+B+?=???!!111

I figured it out, though. I swear.








Brave New Worlds AU Contest -- Results!

My sincere apologies on how long this took -- the people who had volunteered to be my panel of judges developed RL crises at the worst possible time, and additional crises on my end delayed the publishing of the results.

I'd just like to take a moment to deeply thank everyone who supported the contest, either by writing fics, volunteering as judges, or just by showing support and interest. I had wanted to hold an "AU contest" in FMA for a long time -- partly because I thought there were not as many Alternate Universe fics as the universe would support, partly because I wanted to encourage people to write more, and most importantly, because I wanted to show people in the FMA fandom that AU fics could be incredible.

For a while I was worried as to whether I would get enough answers to make my contest viable. But in the end I wasn't disappointed. The FMA fandom rose to the challenge, and proved me right -- you can do amazing AU fic, and I am deeply touched that you submitted some of your best work to me!

Here are the winners, but let me just beg to say that there were many fantastic entries, and I encourage you to read them all -- especially the previously unpublished AU fics, whose authors put in an amazing amount of time and effort to bring them to you.

1. Published AU Category

Firebrand, by Cryogenia -- First Place Winner
Gold and Charcoal, by Kalika Maxwell -- Second Place Winner
Fairy Tale, by Sky Dark -- Honorable Mention
Against the Odds, by dreamer1789
Remembrance, by Seers Atemu
Evaporated, by evil little dog

2. Original AU Category
Willkommen, Bienvenue, by raja815 -- First Place judging, second place popular
Diaspora, by Ketita -- First Place popular, second place judging
The Sacred Heart of Amestris, by Militsa -- Honorable Mention
Entwined, by Akichan
Hour Come Round, by evil little dog
Apres L'eclatement, by Sir Krunk

All of the entries will continue to be hosted on the Green Lion page with author information included, unless the contestant requests that their story be removed.

Once again, thank you all.
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