May 25th, 2009

Flame by Ellifayne

FMA Music: "The Tinderbox of War" (The Flame Alchemist's Song)

FMA Music: "Tinderbox of War"
Written and Performed by: binaryalchemist 
Music: "Silent Legacy" by Melissa Etheridge
Rating: PG

For years I tried to write a serious song about Roy (probably to make up for putting him in a dress in "Revenge of the Miniskirt Army")--took forever, but one afternoon this suddenly came together. It's hard to play, difficult to sing--but it's an offering of love to a character who loved his country enough to risk everything...

We are not the victims--there are choices we must make
Use your art for wisdom, learn to build and not to break
"Be Thou For The People"--I've got to make you understand
Learn from my mistakes and blood will never stain your hand....

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