May 22nd, 2009

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Fic: "The Boy Who Loved Rockets" ("Stille Nacht")

Fic: "The Boy Who Loved Rockets"
by binaryalchemist 
Rated: NC-17 (to be safe...)
Genre: Romance, Angst, Yaoi
Pairing: Ed/Hei, Roy/Ed
Spoilers: Movie spoilers---kinda..
          The only time Edward Elric will willingly enter a church is on Christmas Eve--but the candle he lights is for a personal saint--a boy who loved rockets, loved his Fatherland, and loved a crippled madman who babbled endlessly about a world on the other side of the sky...
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Let's Split a Box?

I'm thinking of getting specific Prop Plus Petit Ed and Al mini-figurines, but PPPs are sold as blind boxes, so there's no telling exactly what character I'll get in a random box. That's why I'm considering getting a box or two of them (even in box sets they are random and not 100% guaranteed to have all characters or variations), but I don't want SUDDENLY, 10 or 20 figurines invading my room. Would anyone be interested in splitting the box with me?

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If I do get a box, it'll be sometime in early June. Then I'll post again here with pricing details. If you're interested and comment below, I can send you a PM when I get the box.