May 13th, 2009


Doujinshi - A Bolt Out Of The Blue/GD-Mechano (Hughes + Roy)

I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place, and I apologise if it isn't. Basically, I've scanned and translated the short prologue from GD Mechano's first FMA reprint. It's a sequeway of sorts to Zankyou Kieru Made and Senkou.

If anyone is unfamiliar with GD Mechano (Izumi Yakumo), here's a sample:

I'm assuming that Zankyou Kieru Made and Senkou have been scanlated. Could someone enlighten me on this?

Also, if anyone would be kind enough to tell me if any of the following circles have been scanned/translated/scanlated?
Pistol Dynamites, Kafuka, PB Violet, Kazuaki, and Kissed B.

Download at personal journal

I know the colour picture of Ed is random. I think he looks awesome, so I'm sicking him on everyone I possibly can. XP
Sewing Machine

Selling FMA costumes~!

I'm selling the following below. Please no trades. I only accept Paypal and shipping within the US. Under each section will be a specific shipping price for the items below. Everything will be shipped via USPS. After payment, please allow 24-36 hours after payment has been accept for the item to be shipped out. I will not put holds on items that get better offers. Everything must go! Thank you.

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Can only wait for so long

Multi-Fandom RPG Looking for FMA Players!

Okay, I searched and searched and searched and I didn't see anything expressly forbidding this, but no hard feelings if mods decide to take it down!

I just thought, what with the new anime out, this would be the perfect time to build up the FMA cast in the RPG I help run, clockwork_rp. Yes, full disclaimer: I'm one of three mods over there. I also play Ed. The older Ed. He's movie Ed. We also have a younger pre-transmutation first anime Ed, a post-first anime/pre-movie Al, and a manga Roy. We've had a couple of manga Envies, an anime Trisha, an anime Roy, a couple of Als of varying canons, and a manga Winry in the past but they've all mostly been painfully short-lived and those of us that have been able to stick around this long (my Ed will have been there for two years next month) are eagerly awaiting the day when someone else from their world will come to keep them company. Or just make things harder for them. You know. Whatever gives them something to do.

Also keep in mind we allow up to two clones of any given character as long as they're far enough apart either canonically or chronologically (IE manga vs anime, Amestrian vs German, pre/post-series/movie vs current). So just because one character-slot's been taken, you can still apply!

Also Also the game's played over on InsaneJournal (was originally on greatestjournal, but, well . . . ). Why not LJ? Because you don't get 100 free icons on LJ!

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