May 4th, 2009

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I come bearing more crack than is possibly healthy

Oh boy. First, let me say that I loved the most recent episode. The mocking that follows has nothing to do with my level of enjoyment.

So I went through the screencaps, thinking that I would find one or two that would be funny and make good luzly captions. I was wrong. I did not find one or two. Or even three or four.

I found 20.


What. Was I. Thinking.

In any case, here are the results. Very image-heavy, you have been warned. ^^;

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Also, something kind of sort of a little bit less crackish: I have quite a bit of fun with these, and I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in starting up a caption contest? We could have one or two images a week, maybe screen the replies like fma_designawards does so the final captions come as a surprise? Ten or fifteen top captions (er...depending entirely of the responses :P). Basically, my question here is: if I start a fma caption contest comm, would people write, read, visit, and enjoy it?

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*ahem ahem*

Feel free to delete this if it isn't allowed, but...

I've seen plushies of Ed, Al, Winry, and Roy, but I've never come across a Riza plushie. Am I just not looking in the right places? And if you know where I might be able to find one, a link would be much appreciated ^^

- Kate
xxxholic Yuuko

fanfic - family business

Title: Family Business
Author: metisket 
Characters/Pairings: Madame Christmas, Ed/Roy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Part of the Chaos Verse; falls immediately after Dining In
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong to me.
Excerpt: “So that was the Fullmetal Alchemist. Damn. He really did look like trouble waiting for a place to happen, just like everybody said. And from the look of it, he’d happened to Roy.”


I need music!

Does anyone have a .mp3 or .wav of the new FMA ending TV version???? I need it for a school project and my file somehow got corrupted TAT. I will also be tring other methods of tracking it down, but I thought this would be a good place to start!
Thanks in advance!
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