May 3rd, 2009

Post - Episode Discussion Tiems <3

Official S01E05 Discussion Thread
Episode 1.05

Posting it up a bit early this week. Please comment after watching the episode.

So that there isn't a torrent of multiple posts all talking about the episode, anyone who wants to share their thoughts with the comm can comment here!

The Live-Discussion post is below :)

Fire Emblem

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Hey, guys!

I was wondering a couple of things. First off, does anyone know where I could get the full version of the image that's at the very top of this comm's layout? (Assuming there's a larger one in the first place.) I love it to pieces, and it would be nice to see it at its full resolution.

Secondly, could someone please toss me some DL links for the brand-new opening and ending songs if they've got them handy? I know they were posted before, but there's been a torrent of posts lately and I seem to be good at missing what I'm looking for when I backtrack through threads. Maybe we should start tagging stuff so it's easier to find again later?

Thanks very much! :>
[Izaya] Lollipop

Fic: Circles

Title: Circles
Author: DarkBlysse
Series: Applicable to all series
Word Count: 236
Rating: G
Characters: Edward, Alphonse
Summary: Alphonse wants to be just like Brother
Warnings: None (Haha, that's a bloody miracle for me! xD)

A/N: 'Circles' placed third in fma_fic_contest  for prompt 10, 'Trace'.


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