April 29th, 2009

Jean and Roy. Just got lei-ed.

Happy Havoc Gets Lucky Day!

Happy Havoc Gets Lucky Day! (And lucky you; you get TWO pics today!)


Title: Havoc Gets Lucky - Worksafe Version
Characters: Roy and Havoc
Rated: PG

A picture's worth a thousand words...

Title: Havoc Gets Lucky - Not Safe for Work Version
Characters: Havoc/Roy
Rated: NC-17

''It's HAVOC week, so I get to top!'' :D


Title: You Can Call me Roy (Havoc/Mustang)
Rating, Word Count: NC-17, 1628
Notes: Porn. Without plot.

They tumbled in, mouths together, their lips slick from spit and already red from the force of their desperate kissing.