April 28th, 2009

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Length of Brotherhood announcend

Hi, first-time poster here!

I'm not sure, if this has been posted before, but as didn't see it when I checked the last several posts, I assume it hasn't.
Anyways, the biggest German anime and manga magazine announced in their current issue that Brotherhood is going to have 63 episodes!

More than the last one; enough?
I haven't thought about it yet, but what do you think this means for the number of chapters that are yet to come? And where do you place the events of the manga according to episode numbers now?

Please discuss away! :D
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The Elric Brothers

New Merchandise

I don't think this stuff has been posted but if it has let me know

Anyways I found the following Chibi Figures on Amazon.co.jp. They are set to be released on May 25. Also for manga fans take notice of the color of Winry's bandanna :D

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