April 27th, 2009

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Fic: EDsel And GretAL

Title: EDsel and GretAL.
Author: DarkBlysse
Word Count: 1769
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Alphonse, Edward, Roy, Gluttony
Summary: Hansel and Gretal, Elric style. ^_~
Warnings: Crack, some minor groping

A/N: Seriously, this thing's got more crack than at a plumbers' convention (lol, thanks for the line, Spandy! xD)!! I've actually been meaning to write this for quite a while now, so this prompt was the kick in the arse I needed to get going on it. XD I make no apologies for brain-breakage or hernias caused by laughter. XD;  And thanks to Krunk for helping me out with a few things, and sending a few accidental ideas my way! <3

Written for the 'AU' prompt at </a></b></a>fma_fic_contest .  Didn't place, but had loads of fun writing it! \o/

The Brothers Grimm, Brothers Elric style...
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FMA, Roy

Panel Help and Ideas?

Hello, I'm running the FMA panel for Colossalcon in Sandusky, OH, and I was wondering if you all would indulge me please. What I want is simple:

What kind of topics you would like to see covered in such a panel if you were to attend one?

I have some ideas already, and I've done panels like this before, but I would like to have more to talk about if possible.

Thank you for your help.
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Screencaps~ Episodes 03-04!

I was kinda busy last week so episode 3 was late ;A; Hopefully, my screenshots will be back on sched this week and onwards.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 3
Total no. of images: 405
Dimension: 960px × 720px
Download: here

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood  Episode 4
Total no. of images: 398
Dimension: 960px × 720px
Download: here

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Second War

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Second War
Author: [info]Nahima
Rating: PG13
Type: Action, Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Language
Summary: After the movie Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Edward and Alphonse are making their way to through a new World to finding their friend and stop an Uranium bomb from going into the wrong hands.

Chapter 1
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Lord knows there's already an overabundance of fan reviews for the new Fullmetal Alchemist, so I dunno what I'm really going for in this post. I'm barely catching up! forgive me ---But fanservice is good - being able to see all the familiar characters own once again? It's not like I'm going to complain. It's a lot like meeting up with old friends, but finding that they're better looking now thanks to a bigger animation budget. Except, wait, hang on a sec - friends don't have animation budgets, do they? 

I also noticed a change in a few of the voice actors - there's good and bad to it. I'm feeling rather lukewarm to Toru Okawa's replacement for Roy, although he's decent and I know I'll warm up eventually. The voice is just a bit too soft in a few places - I MISS THE MUSTANG SWAGGER. Umm, yeah. Kimbley's voice is excellent and as sinister as it needs to be. xD

Anyhow, I don't have much to say except that the first episode definitely made a lot of assumptions of its viewers, so those new to the franchise must have been at least a bit bemused at the goings-on. 

AND OMGGGGZ THE OPENING. YUI AGAIN, ASFKJKHWRWRYYYYYYYY. I really didn't like it much it at first, but like all YUI songs, it's a damn catchy tune and guhhhh I promised myself I would never like another one of her singles again. DARN YOU AND YOUR GUITAR RIFFS. AND THE ANGSTY, APPLICABLE LYRICS. After watching the opening alone on the funimation website maybe, say, 20 times in a row, I've had enough. Now I just need to get off my lazy ass and find a high-quality mp3 (I'm sure there are dozens on the intarwebs just hiding in plain sight).

Anyways, to share some screencaps which I'm sure you've all already seen, yay (sorry - I cropped 'em for my own convenience).


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[FMA] Roy; Attacking

Vic Mignogna: To his fans

Ah, I'm not ENTIRELY sure if this is on-topic, but I think it is? Anyway. I attended Tora-Con this last Saturday (and missed the new episode premier! T_T) where Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric's English voice actor) was asked to come do a guest appearance. And if anyone's interested, he's made a recording for his fans to listen to his voice (or actually, several voices) and his piano playing as he reads from a modern interpretation of the bible. It's free to download up at Risembool Rangers, linked on the right under "Gospel of John."

Also, you can find excerpts of his hour-and-a-half session on Youtube if you search for Vic Mignogna and Tora-con. =3 That man is such a sweetheart, you guys, really!