April 18th, 2009

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Edward Elric fanart!

Title: Daily Fannish Thing Four a.k.a. See You In My Nightmares
Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Edward Elric
Rating: PG for a half-naked boy in a non-sexual situation
Disclaimer: I don't own Edward Elric. He is owned by Hiromu Arakawa.
Note: This piece is based off of the gay fishKanye West and Lil' Wayne song "See You In My Nightmares". If you haven't heard it yet, please listen to it now! It's amazing! I was really inspired by the darkness of the song to create this piece. I tried a new coloring style in this piece, where I used the polygonal lasso tool to select the areas I wanted shaded, inversed the selection, colored my selection in with a dark grey, and set it to either "screen" or "lighten" (I forgot already!). The lines were done in a "multiply" layer with an about 50% opaqueness. I really like the cell shaded look I got for this picture. I also only slightly adjusted the contrast on the line art too- it's mostly in it's completely original state, while the above picture was changed up a lot more.

I did three versions of this picture where I played around with text. The full text version is below the cut, with links to lesser-text and text-free versions. Please tell me tell me, te-te-te-te-te-tell me! which one you like best!

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S.S. BOATSHIP: a cruise ship multifandom roleplay seeking FMA characters

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Fuck land, I'm on a boat, motherfucker.
Fuck trees, I climb buoys, motherfucker.
I'm on the deck with my boys, motherfucker.
This boat engine makes noise, motherfucker.

Welcome to the S.S. Boatship, the most popular luxury cruise liner you've never heard of. You found your tickets in that box of cereal you had this morning for breakfast. Is it a safe cruise? We don't know. Is it a fun cruise? Maybe. Do you have anything better to do with your time? No, so welcome aboard.

Most of your time will be spent enjoying the luxuries the cruise has to offer. There's fine dining, entertainment, karaoke, mini-golf, swimming pools, and even a miniature waterslide park! Occasionally, however, the S.S. Boatship will arrive at a port. Each port is different in its own unique and special snowflake way, so this is where we'll change it up a little. See the FAQs for more information on ports.