April 15th, 2009

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Fic: Blau Und Gold, Chapter Three

Title: Blau Und Gold, Chapter Three
Rating: PG (Eventually, NC-17)
Type: AU, yaoi
Characters: Alfons, Alphonse
Warnings: AU
Summary: What would happen if Alphonse was sent through The Gate to Munich, and not Edward?

A/N: Ooooh, and the rating gets bumped up! XD It's not going to be what any of you guys think, though. Well, except Vivi... don't know why you're even reading this, woman! XD Anyways... I'm having loads of fun with this! The Cute!Al just comes much too easily to me, and all of the funny little bits are just too damned fun to write!


( “You can come in. I won't bite,” he teased with a lighthearted smile. )

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Trying to track down a doujinshi...

Hey thar, comm.

Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I'm looking to purchase part one of a Royai doujinshi  called 'Parallel Love', but have been unable to find it available. The cover to part one looks like this:

It's by the doujinshi circle 527:  http://homepage2.nifty.com/527/index.html

Is anyone here selling it or have any idea where I buy it?

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Can you name the artist?

Hello, comm.

Forgive me if this is inappropriate, but I'm searching for the artist/site/original fanarts of a particular picture (if this is against the rules, can anyone point me to a more appropiate forum of information?).

Someone was using it as a signature on a forum and they 'found it on photobucket', which gives me no clues as to the creator of such a wonderful piece (especially as google can't even help me find which PHOTOBUCKET account it came from...).

I'm hoping that the wider fanbase will be able to assist me.

Collapse )

Thank you to all those who gave me the answer.

The site is Blue Moon for anyone else who goes '...guh' over the picture!