April 14th, 2009

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Balance of Power - Arc Two - Chapter One

Title: "Balance of Power: Eden Gate" (Arc Two)
Chapter: Chapter One: Tranquility Base Here; the Ninjavan has Landed
Rating: PG-13 to R for graphic violence, occasional gore and Ed's potty mouth
Writers: The Conglomerate known as "Crackbunny Syndrome", aka: c_b_syndrome
Writers This Chapter:
Spoilers: Mentions of events in the first anime, the manga, and CoS -- otherwise this thing is completely A/U
Warnings this Chapter: Language, and flashback-abuse

Summary: Geekery. Gratuitous character cameos. Explosions. Gunplay. Horseplay. Swordplay. Wordplay -- and foreplay. Bad puns. Steampunk fashions. Worse puns. Hawaiian shirts. AND THE DEATH OF THE NINJAVAN! Not even AAA can find this intersection...

NOTE: Wheeee! We're ahead of schedule! This is a good thing, right?

"...the Edwardian Sturm und Drang raged no more than five feet away"
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Fic: Blau Und Gold, Chapter Two

Title: Blau Und Gold, Chapter Two
Rating: G (Eventually, NC-17)
Type: AU, yaoi
Characters: Alfons, Alphonse
Warnings: AU

Summary: What would happen if Alphonse was sent through The Gate to Munich, and not Edward?

A/N: Chapter two, guys! I wanna say thanks to everyone who's been reading so far! :D All of your comments are so loved, and I hope I can keep you all entertained! ^_^


( Al hesitated for a moment, certain that he was about to ask a very stupid question. )


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Hi~ This is my first time posting here so please be gentle with me =)

I'm here to share some fanart done by my friend for me! They are not THAT wonderfully done but for people with zero art sense like me, i think they're great!

See more HERE!! Other characters included =)

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Hi all, hope no-one minds this!

I'm selling on a lot of my Anime & Manga collectables and merchandise - including quite a few items from FMA/Hagaren I bought in Japan, and a few doujinshi.

The FMA section is here on my sales post (it's very image heavy, please give it time to load!)

Please take a look :)

Something Beautiful

Title: Something Beautiful
Author: pandoraculpa
Word Count: 677
Rating: PG
Characters: Tucker, cameo by Ed
Summary: He wanted to make something beautiful.
Warnings: Spoilers for manga chapter 6 and original anime episode 7- but if you haven't read/seen those already, one wonders why you're reading fanfic in the first place. ;)
A/N: I wasn't hugely satisfied with this, seeing as how it was mostly an exercise to blow off the end-of-story jitters I'm experiencing on another project, but it seems that other people were. First place for fma_fic_contest's Chimera prompt! Thanks to truths_in_lies for the read-over.

The most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Crossposted; sorry for spam
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FMA // OT3

Art and Advertising :D

So this isn't entirely a spam post, here's some art:

Pride (spoilers OMG): http://lalikaa.deviantart.com/art/FMA-Feeling-Prideful-SPOILERS-109706634
EdxWin: http://lalikaa.deviantart.com/art/The-Next-Time-You-Cry-109708214
Hostage!Mei: http://lalikaa.deviantart.com/art/Hostage-Situation-110708904
Scar and Mei: http://lalikaa.deviantart.com/art/FMA-Scar-and-Mei-112106029

OK, now I'm pretty sure this is allowed, so...

I'm advertising a new club I started on DevinatArt, FMA-Brotherhood. This club will be entirely dedicated to the new series. If you're on DA and interested, please join! :D

Link with Epona


[34] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (episode 2)
[14] Code Geass
[07] Axis Powers Hetalia
[09] Tales of Series (Vesperia, Dawn of the New World, Graces)
[03] Growing Up Cullen (quote icons)

Find these and more here at my icon journal!
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Two arts - Lust and Havocai

Title: Smokin' Hot
Character: Lust
Rating: R for nudity
Artist's Notes: I'm trying to remember how to ink, so I did this for practice. Still haven't remembered how.

Full version @ deviantArt.

Title: Closer and Closer
Characters: Havoc/Hawkeye
Rating: R for nudity
Artist's Notes: Did a quick sketch of the pose in this picture when I couldn't sleep, then took my sketchbook to bed with me and kept working on it. Not really finished, but I've done all with it I want to do.

Full version @ deviantArt.

Or, smaller versions of both @ my LJ.

Royai Fiction

I recently posted a few of my Royai 100 onto LJ when fanfiction.net was down. Thought I'd let you all know I've finished them all now, and, as before, they can be found here: Smile Like You Mean It

I have also posted a new story to pimp~!

Title: The Truth Will Set You Free
Author: Dailenna / eranith
Rating: T
Genre: Tragedy/Drama
Length: 13 chapters; 17,000 words all up
Summary: A man in a mental asylum is accused of murdering Riza Hawkeye. Over a period of weeks he tells the story of what really happened, to the man sent to decide whether he's fit to face court or not.
Link at ff.net: Henry put his head on one side. “You believe them, don’t you? You think that I killed her.”

Reviews and/or comments are appreciated :)