April 11th, 2009

FMI and FYI!!!

So it's almost been an entire week since the first episode of FMA2 aired. Just a quick poll (well, a low-budget poll because I don't have a plus/paid account so can't create a sparkly lj poll).

1) How many times have you watched the first episode?

2) In how many different languages?

3) How many times have you watched the OP/ED?

4) How many of you have downloaded music files of the OP/ED?

5) How many of you are overall pleased with it so far?

Also just a quick for those who might be wondering, there is going to be another livepost/discussion post for the second episode. I'll be doing it every week. Once again, it'll be up around an hour before it airs.

ETA: oops for 2) I meant languages for the subtitles just to clarify.