April 7th, 2009

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Fic: Blau Und Gold, Prologue

Title: Blau Und Gold, Prologue
Rating: G (Eventually, NC-17)
Type: AU, yaoi
Characters: Alfons, Alphonse
Warnings: AU
Summary: What would happen if Alphonse was sent through The Gate to Munich, and not Edward?

A/N: I'm going to start off with a bit of a warning/explanation about this fic. Yes... there may be plot holes and maybe even some 'WTF' moments. Goody, don't point it out; I'm writing this for fun and I know they're there. I've taken some liberties with things, too, made some assumptions. Don't like it? Shoo, then. XP There will be smut, fluff, crack, angst; everything's going to be found in this story over the chapters. The idea's based off of an RP that I'm in, and I've been aching to make it into fic for ages. (Lol, Veev's gonna smack me or something probably, for writing this... xD;) All right, enough ranting from Blysse now--let's get to the fic! \o/

( How he had come to be there, on this side of The Gate--and even the fact that there was something on the other side of The Gate--was a mystery to him. )

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So Comes the Rain

Title: So Comes the Rain
Author: pandoraculpa
Word Count: 480
Rating: PG?
Characters: Edward Elric
Summary: Edward cannot trust the rain.
Warnings: Spoilers for chapters 6 and 43 of the manga.
A/N: Written for the fma_fic_contest, for the prompt 'rain'. First place winner, ee! Must thank truths_in_lies for once again being my second set of eyes on this piece.

Edward cannot bring himself to trust the rain.

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Random [AOSHIKI]

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I couldn't resist iconing the super cute ending for the new FMA anime.

Screencaps were taken from the lovely moogledaime, and you can find downloads for her screencaps of the opening, ending, and the first episode over at this post.

Please credit if you're taking ♥ Textless icons are not bases.

3 x Edward
3 x Ed & Al
1 x Armstrong
2 x Envy
1 x Lust
1 x Gluttony
3 x Winry
1 x Ed & Winry


(Fake cut to my journal)

FMA Friending Meme

Given the recent explosion in fandom activity, I thought one of these may be useful ;)

Your name/username:
Fav. Character/s?
Any other fandoms?
What's your journal about? .
Tell us something about yourself?
Anything else? Random stuff?


Brotherhood Opening ipod Download

I'm sure all of you were as fangirl-y as I was about the new opening which, I believe, is comparable to SEX ON A FREAKING STICK

So, given that I am crazy about this opening, and also carry my ipod everywhere because I cannot bear to walk anywhere WITHOUT my music blasting out the sound of real life to remind me how boring life is, I decided to convert the opening into an ipod friendly version for on-the-go fangirling.

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