April 6th, 2009

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brotherhood soundtrack?

so I was watching the first episode today, as many of you, and I couldn't help but notice a gorgeous new soundtrack will be accompanying the new series! I looked it up and saw that it is in fact a new composer, but I was wondering if anyone knew of anything concerning the cd release? when, if there's a date at all? or if it's already been released?
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Lockon & Mustang

Does anyone else here feel weird listening to Mustang's "new" voice since last sunday most of us were still listening to Lockon...who has the same voice?!! For me, gundam00 just rushed back in at the sound of Mustang's voice when I'm actually watching FMA! 

please feel free to delete this post if it's irrelevant. >.<

Ending squees

Okay, there's a lot of posts regarding the total raw awesomeness of the opening (which I agree with), but am I the only one who absolutely LOVES the ending? As in it made me smile the second the little Scribble!Ed showed up? I'm kind a neutral on the song, but I LOVE the animation. It somehow manages to be extremely cute and somewhat serious at the same time.
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Episode Capsummaries

Why Hello There.

I just thought I'd post to tell everyone that for FA, I will be doing capsummaries--essentially, screencaps + (what I hope are) funny comments that sum up the episode.

I did them for Code Geass, and people seemed to think I was funny then, so I decided to do it for FMA cuz I missed doing it, I guess.

Link to the first episode capsummary is here, if anyone cares. XD
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"Again" - Is there a karaoke for it yet?

If this isn't allowed please delete, But I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a karaoke version of "Again" released just yet or if someone's able to somehow provide me with a karaoke version of the opening theme (TV sized of course.)

I've just spent the majority of this morning writing a english version of the song for me to sing along to if anyone's intrested. And I'm not sure if it works or not I've had a hard time trying to fit the lyrics in to make any sense at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Fanart: Ed & Al

I wasn't quite sure if there was a template for fanart posts at this comm, but I hope that the new series will inspire me to do lots and lots of Hagaren fanarts~~~ (I hope I'm doing the lj-cut correctly, but I'll fix it asap if I mess up!!!)


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FMA:Brotherhood Request

Hey guys, never posted here until now but just thought I'd say the first episode was awesome! I was just wondering (hence the request bit) what day is the episode supposed to be available every week?
For instance the dub of Bleach gets broadcast every Sunday and is up online by Monday
If anyone knows it'd be a great help
Ps: Hughes! I can't believe I get to watch him again, he is legend!
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