April 3rd, 2009

Live Raw Streaming Funness?

I know that Funimation is going to stream official subbed episodes of FMA after the raw airs in Japan on the 5th, but wouldn't it be fun to do a live discussion when the raw itself airs? We've done it in the Gundam 00 community. The mod would provide links for streaming and a timezone guide for people to figure out when it'd air in their area. Then the live discussion posts would be followed up with a post-episode discussion post. Actually, I do live posts a lot in my fandoms and they're hella fun.

So how about it? Anyone interested? Where would we stream the raw episodes anyway?

ETA: Okay I've created the live discussion thread and I will post it up in a few hours closer to the airtime. Just a heads up for all who may be interested in joining the chat!

Rusted Dawn, Pt. 12

Title: Rusted Dawn

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Rating: NC-17 overall

Summary: It's too close; he's crumbling, and he can't stop the slide into this disaster.

A/N: Well hey, look! Less than two months! *grins* Though I was really hoping to get this out yesterday, sigh... But it's here now, and the writing process is starting to move a little faster as we draw closer to the end. Can't guarantee how fast the next chapter will post, but I'm already working on it, and the remaining chapters are fairly well planned, so we'll see how it goes. Massive appreciative thanks go once again to evil_whimsey, for putting up with my writer's neuroses and crazed emails on the subject, as well as her inspired essays on story structure. I couldn't do this without you, dear! *hugs*

previous chapters

It's like he doesn't even want to be happy anymore.

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